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Not for me particularly but just in general. It must be worse for celebrities because they are usually always falling apart, despite their fame and their riches (serve them right). A million people have said ” Life’s a BITCH and then you die” and they are all so right.

There’s always good bits in between but apart from that it’s all death and grief. So there!

Believe it or not, I’m usually known to be excessively chipper but EVEN I have moments when I’m a bit morose.  Michael Jackson’s death didn’t help. I wasn’t a great big fan of his but I recognized his talents and his vulnerability. He was supposed to be around forever or at least for a good part of the next twenty- odd years. If he couldn’t be saved by the wonders of medical science then who can? All that money and he still copped it. And his money did not make him happy at all. Amazing sad.

My partner died a while back and I’m still not right.  At the time I played the stiff upper lip act and that was perhaps not such a great idea. My chance to wail and whine was missed and after a month or so I was expected to keep up the act. Thinking about him is no bad thing but even a person with half a brain would know that always thinking about him in terms of his death means that I’m on a  hiding to nowhere.

They say save your pity for those who are left behind but I’m all caught up in feeling sorry for the dead. At the end,  did they know it was their very final moments and were they experiencing some unimaginable terror then? Who knows — anything.

Moving on.  I kept the store going on my lonesome. But I’m changing things there — getting back to what it was originally meant to be about. I’m not giving in to the mainstream now and I’m not going to be stocking up on the more generic designs.  So what if it’s all a little weird. Weird is us/me and so be it. Amen.

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