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I was really happy to hear that The Scottish Play (can’t write the name here — might bring bad luck to my blog — you understand, I’m sure) is coming to Edinburgh. I was just about to try to find a window in my hectic schedule, when I read that Laby MacB was to be played by some actress from River City.  I was eating a nice big bowl of Rice Krispies at the time and the shock nearly brought on a choking incident (similar to my Red Bull one, way back).

I can’t even say how much I detest River City — it’s worse than my aversion to honey and my distaste for that borders on a phobia. Admittedly, I’ve only watched a few episodes of this so-called Scottish soap and that was a while back but Every Single Thing about that programme annoyed and depressed me and I genuinely find it to be unwatchable. Listening to it would be unbearable too, as it hurts my brain to hear the Glaswegian accent so exaggerated and abused (most of the cast probably live in places like Bearsden and speak like Prince William).

I may be able to screw my courage to the sticking place and go to see the play, but — at the very least — I shall issue a small hiss when Lady MacB makes her entrance.

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I blog a lot about fashion and I sometimes wonder if that makes me a superficial and shallow person (though, what I really worry about is the possibilty of breaking a nail whilst typing my little style-related pieces).

Anyway, I’ve been blogging about it over here at the oppostion (blogger). I’m not that relaxed over there yet but it’s a new blog and I’ll get used to it in time.

By the way — don’t you just love The I.T. Crowd on Channel 4?

Yes, I know that — like me — you hardly get a second to watch television — especially on a Friday night — but if you did just happen to ‘catch’ it — don’t you think it’s heading to be a bit of a comedy classic?

But I do have a liking for geek-type men. There’s a kind of an innocence about them that I find oddly appealling. I have to say that — I’m dependent on at least two of them to keep me on-track with all this computer stuff. And I keep them in line with regard to not leaving home looking like they’ve slept in their clothes for a week.

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I’ve just discovered Trend Hunter – the site which features ‘trends’ spotted by thousands of people across the world. I like the look of it and it will be yet another aid to procrastination – I’m easily bored but I’m sure I could waste a good few hours there. I’d do anything rather than what I’m supposed to be doing. For instance – even as I type this – I’m wondering if Wife Swap is on tonight  and I’m also wondering if I should go and have a look for the copy of Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil which I managed to lose somewhere in this tip house within seconds of bringing it through the door. I should mention that I lost the book nearly two years ago and I’m only thinking about it now so I can avoid writing the promotional articles I’m supposed to have ready for tomorrow morning.

If I get totally desperate for another work-distraction, I’ll have a go at some cleaning but it probably won’t come to that as I’ve just found out that Antiques Roadshow is on and I love to watch well-off people being told that their inherited silver will be making them yet more money. I like the way they try not to react when the expert tells them that some ugly old painting they’ve had in their loft for half a lifetime is worth around ten grand. Actually, I like it better when some toff is told the ‘find’ they forked out a fortune on at auction is only worth half of what they paid for it — they always attempt to appear unconcerned but you can see their bitter disappointment under the stiff upper lips (they’re probably thinking they’ll have to sack a couple of their cleaners to make up the cost).

I’ll never forget the time I saw a highlights edition of the show and one of the ‘antiques’ up for assessment turned out to be a doorknob – and not even an ancient one, but a common or garden old rubbishy one. I felt bad about that, as the knob-owner looked pretty poverty-stricken (though you never can tell) and the expert was fairly contemptuous about it. I think I would have attempted to have at least been a little kinder if I had been the expert: something like “easy enough mistake to make… it almost had me fooled.” But not everyone is as sweet-natured as me.

Did you watch the Eastern Eurovision Song Contest? Last night was the first time I’d seen it in years. It’s definitely a bit of camp fun but I think that once every five years would be enough – and if dear old Terry Wogan quits or becomes permanently ‘indisposed’ then I’m never going to watch it again. And the United Kingdom can never, ever win the thing – not only because of all that highly annoying tactical voting but because none of our real talent would be willing to commit the career suicide that would follow any involvement in the ‘contest’. I hate to think how much the whole Eurovision circus costs but it might be worth it if it brings a bit of cheer into the lives of us who have absolutely no social life.

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Captain Kirk was the Man

kirk.jpg  I don’t care what anyone says, back in the day William Shatner had a certain something (probably a corset, by the look of him). Who cares that he looks like a slightly butch old woman these days. Isn’t he allowed to get old and past it?  Did he always wear that wig? Is he still alive? I’d feel bad writing anything negative about him if he’s kicked the bucket. There’s a re-run of the old Star Trek programme on just now but I’ve got the sound down, so I can give you all my full attention.

I’ve just had another look at Kirk and I have to say that he is a touch sweaty of face, whereas Spock is heavily powdered — probably to show that he’s only half-human and thus almost devoid of human emotions. One of my siblings used to call my father Spock and he took it as a compliment. Spock was one cool man. I’d employ him. Though not, of course, in any capacity where he was required to show a degree of empathy. But I’m in the fashion business, so I think he’d be in with a chance.

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Virgil Caine is the name

… and I drove on the Danville train…

na.. na.. na na na……….na

Well, don’t blame me. I just took a little break from a  task I had set myself tonight – another attempt at bringing some order  into my over-stuffed office space – and checked out some of Vogue’s fashion show videos.

I had another look at John Galliano’s Autumn/Winter 2006/7 collection (‘Women of the Wild West – all Confederate caps, Quaker hats and dirtied-up boots) and the song which was played at the beginning of the video stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave. So I looked it up and now I know all the words to ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’.   Such knowledge is bound to come in useful at some point in my life.

My ‘little break’ also extended to watching Bridget Jones crossing a line in The Edge of Reason — from endearingly dippy and sweetly impulsive to annoyingly and unbearably stupid. And what had happened to Bridget’s fashion sense between the first film and this one – the action supposedly taking place only a few weeks apart? She might have been packing a few extra pounds in the first film but at least she was packing then into relatively cute outfits – not spilling them out of a series of hideously frumpy getups. Also – a final point – just because you’ve Got Your Man, does not mean you give up on the services of a decent hairdresser.

So, another productive night, I’m sure you will agree.

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Gillian McKeith is too thin

Well, that’s my opinion anyway and probably tinged with bitterness, because I think I’ve reached my all time fattest. If you don’t know who Gillian McKeith is – she’s best known as a television ‘nutrition expert’, who puts tubby victims volunteers  on her on a strict ‘healthy’ diet, forces them to exercise a bit and then they emerge after about 10 weeks or so, looking skinnier (but still fattish). Admittedly, post-Gillian, the former junk-food fanatics usually look way better than they did when first presented to the viewing public – partly due to the efforts of a team of hairdressers, make-up artists, etc.

But Gillian always looks, to me, like a tiny, wizened, startled bird. I mean, if she’s eating the very best of food, in terms of its nutritional value, shouldn’t she be glowing with health, instead of looking so washed-out and haggard? She just doesn’t set a good example, that’s all.

Maybe it’s nothing to do with the fact that she looks like she weighs around two stones – perhaps  she’d look like that, fat or thin – but if I had to live off seaweed  smoothies and sunflower seeds etc, I’d  expect some kind of positive pay-back in terms of how I looked.  I feel bad about writing this – especially as I’ve rambled on in another post about how we should be free to make up our own mind with regard to our optimum weight — but every time I hear her lecture someone about their dodgy diet and how terrible they look, I can’t help thinking that (almost without exception) they all look way more healthy than her.


I’ve been watching quite a bit of television recently – usually I’m glued to my computer (working) in a room at the top of my house — but it is Baltic here and the only heating we have is the open fire in the living room. There’s probably about a million things I could be doing there but I’ve just got in the habit of switching on the TV, whilst standing with my backside stuck halfway up the chimney. Of course, I could be exercising — thus warming and toning the body at the same time – but I’m the queen of procrastination just now; full of good intentions but lacking the willpower. So, I drink tea, eat toast, and wallow in make-believe.

shiwa.jpgAnyway, the reason I mentioned my current television addiction was to tell you about a rather good programme I watched recently. The Africa House told the story of the English aristocrat, Stewart Gore-Browne and Shiwa Ngandu, the estate he created in (the then) Northern Rhodesia. Not the kind of thing I would have imagined watching, but it was fascinating on so many levels, and beautifully sad in some ways. Unfortunately, I missed the start of the programme, but I think the programme was based on a book by Christina Lamb – so I’ll get a copy of that in the next week or so.

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sisinlaw.jpg    I watched the absolutely brilliant, award-winning Sisters in Law documentary on Channel 4 tonight. The firm follows the work of a two-woman law team in the town of Kumba, Cameroon, as they dispense justice and fight against long-held prejudices held by the male population. The cases are heart-breaking but the much-quoted phrase ‘life-affirming’ in relation to this film is absolutely spot-on.

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