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I’ve been going through a bit of a vintage jewellery phase recently and found a great selection at Perfect Jewels (I covet practically everything on their Objects d’ Art section).


Huge Art Moderne Jewelled Sterling Brooch ($150.00). This piece — described by the site owner’s partner, quite aptly, as a ‘ski-wreck’ — is not really typical of the kind of jewellery to be found on the site — but I think I like it…


14k Plique a Jour Enamel Art Nouveau Portrait Necklace ($1450.00). *Gulp* I know  — the price! But it’s beautiful and rare — and if you’re going to splash out some serious money of jewellery, then it might as well be something this unique and lovely.


Mother of Pearl Souvenir Etui ($250.00). I had to look-up what a ‘etui’ is  — seemingly, it’s a container (usually soft-bodied?) for needlework and suchlike.

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