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The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was put headphones on, so I got some music (Elbow) blasting in my head while I got ready for the day. Most of the time I find total silence unsettling, a kind of calm before a storm feeling — like something cataclysmic is about to happen. An earthquake, meteor hitting the Earth, nuclear attack, fasting-acting pandemic of Swine Flu, Judgement Day (convent school education).

I think it’s not just my racing brain that causes my insomnia, perhaps I just can’t stand the silence. So I was really interested to read about the White Noise Generator, which may or may not help but probably doesn’t do any harm, as far as I know — though someone is  bound to get a research grant to prove that it does.

The White Noise link comes from DoshDosh on Twitter — the Dosh Dosh blog is also all kinds of interesting and there’s a great post on Twitter in relation to marketing

I’m getting used to Twitter now, though I’m a different person on there. I’ve been blogging for years and could talk for Scotland but so far I’m pretty subdued on Twitter. I just prefer to read and respond, rather than Tweeting very much myself. Probably not such a very bad thing though, for various reasons, including the fact that I intend to use Twitter purely as a kind of instant access window on the world. For me, it only stays sweet if I keep it free of any intentional marketing.

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Twitter Ye Not

I’ve been Twittering a little. Thought I’d give it a go but can’t really get into it. Some people love it — they’re *obsessed by it. Maybe I’ll come around to it. Weird that Steven Fry is on it — do you think it is the real Steven Fry?

Still not entirely at home at Blogger, either — I might just come back here.

I’m *obsessed about the economy. That’s embarrassing to admit because I think we’ll look back on this time and sneer at all the fools who were panicking about the recession/depression — it will be seen as a condition and will have a name like ‘depression-obsession’.

If you’ve been labeled as a depression-obsession-er, then no-one will employ you (if there’s any jobs left) as employers will only be interested in calm people like Chesney ‘Hero of the Hudson’ Sullerenberger (only younger).

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