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I’ve just discovered Trend Hunter – the site which features ‘trends’ spotted by thousands of people across the world. I like the look of it and it will be yet another aid to procrastination – I’m easily bored but I’m sure I could waste a good few hours there. I’d do anything rather than what I’m supposed to be doing. For instance – even as I type this – I’m wondering if Wife Swap is on tonight  and I’m also wondering if I should go and have a look for the copy of Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil which I managed to lose somewhere in this tip house within seconds of bringing it through the door. I should mention that I lost the book nearly two years ago and I’m only thinking about it now so I can avoid writing the promotional articles I’m supposed to have ready for tomorrow morning.

If I get totally desperate for another work-distraction, I’ll have a go at some cleaning but it probably won’t come to that as I’ve just found out that Antiques Roadshow is on and I love to watch well-off people being told that their inherited silver will be making them yet more money. I like the way they try not to react when the expert tells them that some ugly old painting they’ve had in their loft for half a lifetime is worth around ten grand. Actually, I like it better when some toff is told the ‘find’ they forked out a fortune on at auction is only worth half of what they paid for it — they always attempt to appear unconcerned but you can see their bitter disappointment under the stiff upper lips (they’re probably thinking they’ll have to sack a couple of their cleaners to make up the cost).

I’ll never forget the time I saw a highlights edition of the show and one of the ‘antiques’ up for assessment turned out to be a doorknob – and not even an ancient one, but a common or garden old rubbishy one. I felt bad about that, as the knob-owner looked pretty poverty-stricken (though you never can tell) and the expert was fairly contemptuous about it. I think I would have attempted to have at least been a little kinder if I had been the expert: something like “easy enough mistake to make… it almost had me fooled.” But not everyone is as sweet-natured as me.

Did you watch the Eastern Eurovision Song Contest? Last night was the first time I’d seen it in years. It’s definitely a bit of camp fun but I think that once every five years would be enough – and if dear old Terry Wogan quits or becomes permanently ‘indisposed’ then I’m never going to watch it again. And the United Kingdom can never, ever win the thing – not only because of all that highly annoying tactical voting but because none of our real talent would be willing to commit the career suicide that would follow any involvement in the ‘contest’. I hate to think how much the whole Eurovision circus costs but it might be worth it if it brings a bit of cheer into the lives of us who have absolutely no social life.

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