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I don’t usually feature items here which I’ve been blogging about elsewhere but I’m making an exception tonight because I love these shoes (by the master) so much.


And the socks/tights just add to their beauty, don’t you think?

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I’m interupting my evening of fun and frivolity (working) to draw your attention to these shoes from John Fluevog. There. My work here is done and I will return to the slog.  Think of me when you are making merry with the JD’s etc.

thumbcaufck08.jpg  thumb.jpg

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heeldm_468×636.jpg  You may have heard about the Camileon Heel, the shoes invented by David Handel and his sister Lauren. The adjustable heel allows the shoes to go from 3 ¼  inches to one-inch flats.  Seemingly, style won’t be sacrificed for function, so we’re not talking about orthodontic-looking efforts here.

I assume the inventor will have done some pretty thorough research on the mechanics of the shoe in terms of its stability but it’s a certainty that someone will threaten to sue if they fall over whilst wearing them (even if they’re totally inebriated at the time) and it’s guaranteed there will eventually be some health issues raised (!) in relation to adjustable footwear – so a research team will take a year or so to produce a report outlining the dangers of the shoes and we’ll have ‘killer shoes’ headlines and the government will issue a health warning. I’m intentionally exaggerating  but when I think about it ‘shoe health warnings’ are not outwith the bounds of possibility in the future because government interference in almost every aspect of our lives is now routine and I don’t see why our feet should be an exception.

Anyway, I’d buy a pair of those shoes. Unless they did look horrendous, of course – or if I’d seen some serious evidence of collapsing heels. And if the shoes do catch on then the £150 price tag will drop and we’ll be bagging these for around 50 quid. So I see some potential for the ‘Camileon’ — unless they get labelled with the ‘naff’ tag, in which case they will end up in fashion hell (I’d still stock-up though, being independent of mind and diminutive of stature).

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Le Train Bleu

I’m not meant to be blogging (or shoe-hunting) just now, as I’m supposed to be working. But I just had to pay a little visit to one of my very favourite places (after Larkin & Catcher, of course) and Le Train Bleu did not let me down.   These Diaghilev Heels by Rebecca Taylor are reduced from  $211.00 to  $105.00.


What do you think? I touch classier than my usual efforts, I would say. I want but I can’t have. Must work, work, work………………………….

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I currently have a ‘to-do’ list that looks like it might take about two years to get through – so I took the best course of action and did a bit of fantasy online window shopping.  Some time back I’d seen a pair of Christian Loubontin ‘Peep Dorsay’ shoes that I had taken quite a fancy to, but I’ve had no luck in locating them today. Not that there’s much chance of me actually buying them in this or any other lifetime – but I was indulging in that whole escape-from-reality thing.

0452575854135_150×150.jpg   I ended up (in a virtual sense) at Saks Fifth Avenue, where these Ernesta Plateau Sandals (also by Loubontin) caught my eye. A touch of the porn star/lap dancer about them but I can see they might have their uses. And a mere $785.00, too – it was all I could do to stop reaching for my credit card. It would, of course, have been declined but I would have had my two minutes of excitement for the day.

0404352666646_275×275.jpg   During my little ‘shopping trip’ I also discovered this Miu Miu Crochet Frame Bag, which has now been reduced (surprise, surprise) from $1,050.00 to a much more manageable $734.00. Try to contain yourself – I know you so want it. It is clearly a masterpiece of a bag – a ‘must-have’ for every woman’s wardrobe…   

Okay – I’ll stop now. I wouldn’t be seen dead with that woolly-looking disaster on my arm, even if they paid me. Well, if they really did pay me (anything more than, say, a fiver) I probably would cart it about for while but they’d have to let me sell it on eBay afterwards.

Now I have to force myself to do a bit of cleaning around here before someone makes an anonymous call to Kim and Aggie.

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For some reason I decided to pay my first ever visit to Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage today. The home page is now filled, of course, and made Alex a fair few quid. I haven’t checked out just how beneficial it was to the page’s advertisers but I do like the ‘own a piece of internet history’ spraff at the top of the page.

I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency for some people to get all bitter and twisted about Alex’s success with his Million Dollar venture and now his detractors seem to be positively gloating over what they see as the relative lacklustre performance of his Pixelotto. 

The resentment is probably related to the fact that they wished they’d thought of the idea first and also partly due to a perception that it was too much like easy money for Alex. Anyway, I wish Alex all the best with whatever he comes up with next – but that is because I am a very nice person.



b000mvbz4c_01-a2bo0oyvbkiqjm__sclzzzzzzz_sx182_v43515667_sh35_.jpg   Moving on to something of far greater importance.  Shoes.  I bought these Pure Leather Crossgrain flats today. Not my usual type of shoe at all, I can tell you. And I bought them in a shop where I’d only previously shopped for food and where I’d never even thought of the so-called fashion items as being remotely wearable. Guess where it was.
No, go on – guess.
Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.
Forget it. I have the sudden urge for a cup of tea.
But I do love those cute little shoes – that photo does them no justice at all.

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 flowershoe.jpg Enjoy a summer of love with these red leather Flower Wedges from Angeline Tourier. A mere 119 hippy-dippy £’s.

1203482020_lg.jpg   These leather IC Pinch Toe Lattice Sandals are by the excellent Irregular Choice. Undeniably freaky but strangely lovely — just like some of you good folk, no doubt. £49 at Schuh

1102253340_lg.jpg   You may think I’ve taken leave of my senses but I’m pretty taken with these Harlot Vent Peep Toe Courts from Hard Hearted Harlot. I’m not too keen on the colour and I’ve never liked scalloped edges but it’s the popper and the removable heel-cover that does it for me (I like the name too — though I know such things shouldn’t count…).   £79  at Schuh.

whiteshoe.jpg   The white sling-backs are from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2006 collection but I’ve included them here because they remind of the kind of shoe that one of Hitchcock’s leading ladies might wear (think The Birds – one of my all-time favourite movies).  I found them on the Elle site but I’m not sure who’s selling these now.

brtap.jpg   If you’re doing a bit of festival-going this summer, these Tapestry Funky Wellies might be a bit of fun. Wearing them on a visit to the country may lead to sly sneers and behind-your-back jibes, though.  As if you’d care.  £25.99 from Fred’s Clothing.

By the way, did you notice that I’ve went back to the thumbnail images — the bigger ones looked a bit overpowering.

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