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Don’t go breaking your heart, I’m not saying goodbye to you — just our big old cherry tree, which we had to have cut down (damaged/too near the house). I’m way too soft-hearted; I felt we were killing a living thing (which we were). Trees don’t have a consciousness, do they?

And there were memories connected to that old tree — childhood climbing, attempts at tree houses that never really worked, swings attached to it, cats coming from nowhere and shooting half way up it at the speed of a bullet out a gun. The person who planted it is gone now too, so the whole thing had a kind of an end of an era type feel about it.

There’s a lot of changes going on here, big scary changes, risks and new starts. You know I don’t write about personal stuff here, or not much. But I might share some of this with you — we’ll see how it goes.

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