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brit.jpg I couldn’t sleep, so decided to do a bit of blog-reading. First of all I checked-out Handbag.com for some much needed beauty advice, then I headed over to Knickers blog and read about how a good number of us ladies (and some men, no doubt) are wearing the wrong-sized undies. Seemingly, Britney Spears has been stuffing her assets into a too-small bra and is in need of a larger cup size.

Britney just never gets it right in the underwear department, does she? I feel kind of sorry for that girl — I know some people believe she deserves everything that’s thrown at her but I think the hammering she’s taken from the press in the past has went way too far.  Anyway, the people at Knickers were relatively kind and there’s some good advice there on the whole bra-measuring business.

Then, I paid a little visit to Tokyo Girl and read her excellent dog constipation post.

So, once again, I will sleep a little sounder — for I know my night has not been wasted.

You’ll be relieved to know that I couldn’t find a picture of a dog’s bottom to post here — so you will  just have to make do with one of Britney (taken quite some time ago, if I’m not mistaken).

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I ‘discovered’ Sheana Hindesley’s Malicious Designs website about a year ago, just after I’d got back from a lingerie trade show (and had been singularly unimpressed by what was on offer). Hindesley’s designs were a bit of a shock to the system – but in a good way. The lingerie might have had a raw, unfinished, and – to be honest – a pretty cheap look about it, but in a kind of intentional, ironic way, I like to think. Anyway, I liked them. The images here are from her 2006 Fall collection. Some of it has a touch of the 1970’s cheap-hooker look about it (not that I’ve ever knowingly met a 1970’s hooker, but I have watched some Starsky & Hutch re-runs, so I know what I’m talking about here), and there’s also a touch of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane going on in the collection. With, possibly, a slight hint of the Daisy Duke and a smidgen of Lolita, if I’m not mistaken. Which I probably am. It’s after 5am now and I’m losing the plot due to sleep deprivation. What day is it anyway? We are still in February, are we not?

f06_211.jpgf06_51.jpg  The Farm Girl set on the left is one of Hindesley’s more sensible creations. Quite cute, I think.  Hindesley also designs clothing and that’s a picture of her Chicken Dress on the right. It has the look of a country girl gone bad and I like it, though I’d be reluctant to walk about wearing a dress covered in a chicken pattern. It would be bound to bring forth some smart-ass comments, and life’s hard enough without having to put up with chicken remarks.

photo1.jpgphoto12.jpgphoto13.jpg  So, earlier this year I had another look at the Malicious Designs website and the original designs are still there, only this time they’ve been joined by some wickedly good new designs. There’s also a gallery of impressively-styled photographs of her collection. Hindesley has stepped things up by several dozen notches. I’m not sure what these new designs are called but they sure look good – not least because the designer (or the stylist) has got it so right in terms of presentation. I love the way the photoshoot has been staged and the heavily made-up, indolent/insolent-looking models are just perfect for the Malicious Designs style of lingerie, though I do think the one on the far left has a bit of a transvestite look going on (whoa there! — I’m not saying it like it was a bad thing).  The quality and finish of the items looks to have improved too, without losing much of its appealing edginess.

I had intended to write about another lingerie brand that I’m quite keen on but I think I’ll leave it to another day and try and get some sleep. Someone’s bound to wake me up in a few hours time and expect me to be all bright-eyed. The very nerve of it.

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sweetcherry.jpg  The typical response to Jennifer Muallium’s My Sweet Cherry lingerie line is that it is ‘innocently provocative’ and I really would not argue with that. In terms of appeal, I’d guess that Jennifer’s Cherry Pie and Gingham sets are 100% more alluring than the mountain of tat that is churned-out by the purveyors of so-called ‘sexy’ lingerie. In addition — from the wearer’s point of view — their high cotton content adds to the ‘wearability’ factor.

9dgovar_med.jpg  This Dominique Gown is from Taboo Boo, who don’t even attempt to go down the whole ‘innocent’ route, as their website is overtly sex-orientated. But in a fairly sweet way, I think.

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