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lily.jpg cole1.jpg   Fight! Fight! Fight!  The ‘squabble ‘ between Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole does seems to have a touch of the playground about it and the media appear to be loving it — while still voicing their disapproval of the ‘juvenile antics’ of these two celebrities. I’ve heard it suggested that this feud has been concocted by Lily and Cheryl (or their management teams) as a ploy to attract yet more publicity but I think Lilly was genuinely hurt by Cole’s (alleged) remarks about her appearance. Admittedly, the only evidence I have for that is Lily’s recent Myspace post but I think she was being honest when she said that Cole’s comments had knocked her confidence and that she was feeling bad about her weight.

And what weight, I’d like to ask? I know it’s all relative but Lily looks to be on the slim-ish side to me, not that it should even matter. This little celebrity slanging-match brings home to me how difficult it must be to be in the public spotlight and to have your physical appearance constantly under scrutiny and subject to criticism from all and sundry.

You can see how it could get to the stage where you’d be reluctant to put your head out of your own front door, especially if your fame is based on your looks and those looks were fading or you’d put on an obvious amount of weight. Despite the financial benefits of celebrity status, it must seem to some that life in the public eye is just too damaging and the loss of personal privacy is too high a price to pay.

It’s usually women who bear the brunt of society’s obsession with appearance, of course, but I’ve noticed a recent trend in the media to focus on the declining looks of some male celebrities and there seems to be bit of a field-day on football ‘personalities’ just now.  David Beckham, for instance, has had a few swipes in his direction recently (bad hair, crows feet, use of botox, looks like a transvestite) and even the Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, has attracted some biting remarks about how he’s let himself go and is no longer the handsome man he was a couple of years ago (still looks good to me, I have to say).

About time, some may think – now they’ll get an idea of what women have been putting up with for years. But I’ve a feeling most men won’t give a damn what some hack has to say about their looks and even those who do will be much less affected than a woman would be. Women are never allowed to look rough but for men it can be a positive bonus. Just think of the venom that has been targeted at Victoria Beckham over the years – she might be laughing all the way to the bank and she does go out of her way to court publicity but all those barbs must have gone some way to dent her confidence and make her question her own sense of self worth.

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