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Possibly not dying yet

I know I said I wouldn’t moan again but I thought I’d get quick one in about my health. I’m basically really healthy but I’ve also been brought up by parents who thought it was bad form to complain about anything health-related. You’d have to be practically dead to get a day off school and you were treated as an embarrassment if you developed anything debilitating like meningitis (which nearly killed me but was hardly mentioned at the time, to spare me the humiliation of acknowledging I was actually ill).

Anyway, my arm’s been numb for about twelve hours and I’m thinking now that I’ve got some neurological disorder. Either that or a premature stroke brought on by Hosting-related Stress. Seriously, though, the numb arm thing has been going on for a couple of months now (somethings it is a leg). I might get it checked out, which will be a bit of a shock to my doctor, as he/she has never seen me before.

I might even consider becoming a hypochondriac. The novelty of hearing me complain about my health in the last day or so has prompted people to do helpful things like make me tea and lend me their cds (The Killers, Lady Gaga. What?). Someone even bought me a book (perhaps they want me to remember them in my will — no chance, as I’m bequeathing my entire estate to the local cat and dog home, who could put that 200 quid to good use). Anyway all the sympathy will no doubt wear off soon and people will get around to treating me like a social leper, proving that my parents were probably on the right track after all.

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I now have my first cold in around five years and it is almost enjoyable due to the novelty factor. The shiveryness is not entirely unpleasant and I’ve got to taste my first ever Lemsip (yum).

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