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Sad about Fopp

I was in Fopp in Edinburgh today, buying some *books and it wasn’t until I left the shop that I remembered they’re supposed to be going out of business. A two minute search on **Google brought forth the information that HMV bought-up six of the Fopp stores (including the Edinburgh one, obviously) but that the stores would still be trading under the Fopp name. As far as I know the rest of the stores are – or are about be be — no more. Seemingly the take-over of their rival Music Zone was a major factor in Fopp’s demise.

I liked Fopp — the story of how it was started by one man selling CD’s from a market stall in Glasgow (I don’t know if that’s true); the fact that they didn’t go in for all the 99p baloney and also that you could walk in with a tenner and have a good chance of walking out with some decent music and a DVD.

broons.jpgoor-wullie.jpg And Christmas won’t be quite the same for me anymore — Fopp was always good for some desperate last-minute presents. I’ve bought at least three copies of On the Road there and Metamorphosis was  a recent last-second grab. I’d buy semi-obscure French films and chick-flicks for females and martial arts movies for men — and as many B-movie Sci-Fi’s as I could get for what was left in my purse. It was a tradition — just like going to R.S. McColl’s (the only time I go into that place — 60p for a cream egg bar?) on Chrismas Eve — in a frantic search for The Broons and Oor Wullie annuals (we’ve never had a Christmas without the Broons, although I could function without Wullie).

It’s the Fopp staff I really feel for — I know they’ll find other jobs — but it’s the time between jobs that’s the killer. Bloody Christmas coming-up too — having to find a job in the run-up to the HOHOHO season is a big pain if you’ve got a landlord breathing down your neck.

  *One of the books I bought was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — it’s one of those books you think you must have read in childhood but possibly haven’t. I think I bought it for the illustrations.

** What the hell is Google playing at with the SERPs recently — they’re all over the place.  I don’t really care how many people visit this blog but the online store is a different matter.


I know I’m supposed to be doing Jewellery Week just now but I forgot because I’m too busy having a breakdown while I attempt to complete my self-assessment tax forms. I never thought I’d ever say this — but I’m going to get an accountant to do them next year.

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