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sidis.jpg   I was having a quick look at the Estimated IQ’s of some of the Greatest Geniuses (as one does on a Sunday night, whilst waiting for the latest instalment of Big Brother 8) and became pretty fascinated by the story of (possibly) the most intelligent person who has ever lived: William James Sidis.
With an estimated IQ of between 250 and 300, he ‘out-brained’ even Einstein (a measly 160), yet at the end of his life (he was 45 when he died) he was earning a living in fairly routine and relatively menial jobs — through he was (privately) working on some heavyweight projects during this time.

calend1.jpg   That’s a copy of Sidis’s Perpertual Calendar on the left. There’s a lot more information here and here. I’m not too surprised that Sidis had some trouble interacting with other people, or that there was some threat to have him certified at one point. I’d love to find out what happened to his lost manuscripts.

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