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I blog a lot about fashion and I sometimes wonder if that makes me a superficial and shallow person (though, what I really worry about is the possibilty of breaking a nail whilst typing my little style-related pieces).

Anyway, I’ve been blogging about it over here at the oppostion (blogger). I’m not that relaxed over there yet but it’s a new blog and I’ll get used to it in time.

By the way — don’t you just love The I.T. Crowd on Channel 4?

Yes, I know that — like me — you hardly get a second to watch television — especially on a Friday night — but if you did just happen to ‘catch’ it — don’t you think it’s heading to be a bit of a comedy classic?

But I do have a liking for geek-type men. There’s a kind of an innocence about them that I find oddly appealling. I have to say that — I’m dependent on at least two of them to keep me on-track with all this computer stuff. And I keep them in line with regard to not leaving home looking like they’ve slept in their clothes for a week.

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