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I had a few anxious moments a while back, when I thought the lovely Ernie at little. yellow. different. was going to quit his blog – but it was just one of his ‘periodic breaks’ so I’ve  been able to put off crying a river for a while yet. Ernie should never be allowed to quit, in fact it should be made compulsory that he continues to blog. Have a look at his Heroin-In-A-Tube post to see why I love him so much. I particularly appreciate his ‘SAFE-TEE’ and the snippet of the conversation he had with his father.

Ernie’s taken his archives off-line for the time being, because he was feeling less than comfortable with exposing some of the more intimate aspects of his family life to the blogisphere. That’s something I’ve thought about quite a lot – just how uncomfortable it must be to know that thousands of strangers (or in my case, about ten people…) have been reading about your private life. If your revelations are carefully restricted to aspects of your own life then any wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat moments of exposure-anxiety may be limited — but it’s a whole new scenario if you’ve been posting about family or friends.

It just scares the hell out of me, to be honest – the potential blogs have for intruding into the life of anyone who has some link or relationship with a person who writes an exposè-type blog. And I wonder if, at some point in the future, there’s will be self-help groups for children or partners of ‘famous’ bloggers or if there is the possibility that suing over ‘blog-exposure’ will be commonplace.

This reluctance to give away too much of my personal life is probably detrimental to my blog. It may be that a timid or ‘careful’ blogger is *neither good to man nor beast (and not too great in terms of stats either). I don’t think that it is a fear of possible recriminations that stops me giving away the family secrets though, but more to do with my upbringing — where the strictest rule of all was that everything must stay behind closed doors.  I’m saving it all for my therapist.

* I’ve been trying to work out where I got that ‘man nor beast’ expression from and I’ve just realised that it came from an evil old crone of a school teacher I once had.  She had a moustache (and a hint of a goatee), wore a hideous wig, and smelt of whiskey and cheese. She hurled out insults on a daily basis and once threatened to have me expelled for questioning the existence of ‘Purgatory’ (I was a weird kid).

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