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Following the sweeping success of the now infamous Panties Week, I thought I’d introduce a *jewellery week, or month, or however long it takes for me to move on to something else. Admittedly, ‘Jewellery Week’ doesn’t really have the same punch as the ‘Panties’ theme but, on the plus side, it will lead to far less dodgy search strings.

I’m not featuring bank-breaking, whacking-great lumps of diamond-studded gold sparkers here but concentrating on affordable, unique, quirky pieces — preferably (but not exclusively) handcrafted by indie designers.

I’ve already featured Kristen at Pill Box Productions on one of the other blogs (I don’t know why I just don’t have one big fat blog and have done with it…) but I can’t have a jewellery week here without mentioning her adorable paper brooches. I’m not usually a  brooch person (I think it’s something to do with the word ‘brooch’ — which always seems to me to look  misspelled — and also the association with staid matrons) but on the odd occasion when I do ‘sport’ one, it’s got to be a bit of a statement piece. The last brooch I bought was an unusual (and pretty weird) handcrafted silk concoction and the first time I wore it, an acquaintance — who is totally devoid of taste — sneeringly inquired “what…the…hell… is that?” (I took it as a compliment).

Anyway, no-one would question the beauty of Kristen’s lovely brooches, as they really are little works of art. Kristen’s Etsy store also has some really sweet artwork for sale and a selection of unusual helmet-type hats (which I love but know I couldn’t carry-off).



Paper Brooch –3D collage art-to-wear (from $9 to $14)

*I’ve just had a thought –maybe I should call it ‘Bling Fling’ — a touch more catchy, don’t you think? But perhaps insulting to the designers…  Jewel Pool?

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