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Now that everyone has pretty much stopped denying that we’ve in a recession, I suppose we should brace ourselves for the deluge of books on how-to-survive-on-bugger-all . Still, India Knight’s Thrift Book  — extract in the Times — looks as if it might be worth a read. She reminded me about the aspirin face pack for a start and she’s introduced me to Lily Lolo mineral make-up. I’ve not tried out the aspirin yet but I’ll do practically anything in the name of beauty — and Lily Lolo sell tiny samples, so you can try it all out. Anything to make me look a bit less hideous (spots/no sleep).

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At haha.nu — Strange Statues Around the World

This one reminds me of our government’s attitude towards the country’s economic situation over the past few years. Ours, too, I suppose — I still can’t believe we didn’t see it coming. Or maybe we did but just didn’t want to think about it…

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