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I’m over here, setting up the Style Icons competition.

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Just a little reminder that the £100 for One Hundred Words competition is still running over at Larkin & Catcher. The competition is poetry-related but even if you’re not a budding poet it’s worth having a go, as the prize is £100 worth of items from the Larkin & Catcher store. I know I’m biased but there really are some lovely things there and you could either keep them for yourself or store them up as gifts for birthdays or even Christmas (I’d just keep them).

The image above is nothing to do with the competition or Larkin & Catcher but it’s one I found on a CD of clipart I just bought. Is it just me or does the one on the right have some sort of creepy extra eye? The ‘rabbit’ on the left just looks evil. No wonder kids have nightmares — and come to think of it — the L&C logo does have those freaky little rabbit-type creatures on it…

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schrodingerscat.jpg   noplace-babydoll1.jpg…that we are in the middle of designing our own brand of geek t-shirts and that we’ve just found out our wonderful and original ideas for slogans are old news, as they’re already alive and kicking on the Think Geek website. That whole hour we used up on a brainstorming session was near enough wasted and the time could have been better spent on watching Cash in the Attic or Lovejoy.  So the Schrodinger’s Cat idea is out the window, then — though not totally dead (ha!) as our design has a lot more subtlety.

Admittedly, a quick Google search could have alerted us the fact that the internet is awash with geek t-shirts – but such a sensible approach may have stifled our creative thinking. Anyway, we’ve came up with an even better idea which will totally blow any opposition clear out of the picture. There’s nothing like self-confidence, even if it is (usually) misplaced.

Here’s a little competition question: what did Stephen Hawking say he reached for whenever he heard mention of Schrodinger’s Cat? The lucky person who provides the first correct answer will receive one of our *very first t-shirts!

* the winner may have to wait a year or even two before they receive their prize, as we’re currently working on at least a dozen projects, and — if our past track record is anything to go by — some of these ‘brilliant’ ideas may not materialise into any concrete reality.  Still, it’ll leave you something to look forward to and what is reality, but a perceived state?

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