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Just a little reminder that the £100 for One Hundred Words competition is still running over at Larkin & Catcher. The competition is poetry-related but even if you’re not a budding poet it’s worth having a go, as the prize is £100 worth of items from the Larkin & Catcher store. I know I’m biased but there really are some lovely things there and you could either keep them for yourself or store them up as gifts for birthdays or even Christmas (I’d just keep them).

The image above is nothing to do with the competition or Larkin & Catcher but it’s one I found on a CD of clipart I just bought. Is it just me or does the one on the right have some sort of creepy extra eye? The ‘rabbit’ on the left just looks evil. No wonder kids have nightmares — and come to think of it — the L&C logo does have those freaky little rabbit-type creatures on it…

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I seriously thought of cancelling Christmas this year. The sudden death of someone I’ve been with for my entire adult life has left me feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck and I can hardly bear to think of my first Christmas without him. I don’t think the reality has kicked in yet and I’m half-thinking there has been some sort of mistake and that I’ll wake-up from a very bad dream.

 I had a discussion with my family about how we would get through the upcoming time of *festive cheer* (ha!) and we played about with various options —  ignoring the whole thing was first on our list — then we thought about an ‘alternative’ Christmas: a takeaway (curry?) instead of our usual ‘the-full-works’ dinner; possibly cutting out most of the exchanges of gifts and opting for a Surprise Santa type of affair; not decorating the house — ditch the whole notion of a tree…

But then we worked out that this just would not be right — he had an almost childlike love of Christmas and always went over the top at this time of year and good taste be damned. The tree was always a big deal (way too big — did you ever see National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?) and he — the person who hardly saw the inside of a kitchen for most of the year — went full-out on the preparations for the monumental Christmas dinner.

So, I’ve decided to just go for it this year — go the whole hog and embrace the magic. I’ve never been so aware of how fleeting life is and how we must celebrate every living moment. Anyway, that’s the plan.

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