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Not a Bum Eater?
I’m still over at Larkin & Catcher’s Very Best Things but I’ve been driven back here to comment on something I just heard on Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word — or whatever it is called. It’s the one where he gets a bunch of his ‘celebrity’ mates to cook with him (but every now and then he does a scene with non-celebs — to keep it real).

This Toff — a son of someone who is married into royalty — possibly one of Camilla’s offspring — was arguing that we waste far too much of a pig and that we should eat more offal. He went on to demonstrate this by cooking up a variety of disgusting pig-bits and ending up at the dinner table nibbling on what we were told was a pig’s anus (I’m just thinking that this is the first and almost certainly the last time I will ever type the words  ‘pigs anus’ . Hang on while I savour the moment…).

Gordon (we’re on first name terms — I might even go on his show) mentioned the ‘credit crunch’ (it’s compulsory now on practically every television show — they have to demonstrate that they are socially aware) and how we should eat more offal, as it’s cheap. Or something to that effect — I wasn’t giving it my full attention, as I was in the middle of trying to move a piano (lost earring).

The thought that came into my cynical little head then was that it’s a safe bet to say that the moneybags-anus-eater will not be making a habit of dining out on anything offal-related. Old Ramsey will be giving cooked bums a body-swerve too, no doubt.

No, what I think they were getting at is that the riff-raff should get used to the idea of eating animal body parts that we now think of as unsavoury and not suitable for human consumption. So if the economic situation does go into complete meltdown, our offal-eating will keep us alive, stop us revolting and prevent us from eating the rich.

Nice try Ramsey/Posh Guy but I’m on to you.

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