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It seems to be common knowledge that female sex symbols from the past were more voluptuous than present day celebrities and Marilyn Monroe is often cited as a fuller figured woman who would be a bit too much on the hefty side to be considered an attractive leading lady for today’s films.


 But according to Sara Buys article in the Times Online, Monroe only weighed around 8 stones and was probably nearer a size 10 than a 16 . I’m kind of disappointed to read that and the news near enough put me off dunking my doughnut (iced). It’s as if Marilyn’s went over to the other side in more ways than one. I liked the idea of her being a bit of a big girl, or at the very least a size 14. But, seemingly, she was only big where it counted — 30E bust and nice curvy hips. She’d still be considered too fat for film these days, though. Weird.

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Sex Sells

Statement of the Obvious: Sex Sells

Loved Camilla Lang’s ‘A head for business and a body for sin’, subtitle for her interview with Scarlett Johansson in this week’s Times Online. The nicely scoffing ‘Attagirl’ at the end sum’s up Lang’s wised-up cynicism on the subject of turning sex appeal ‘into gold’.

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It’s true — all you have to do is stick this picture of Kelly Brook up on your fridge, so you can see it next time you dig in there for your next slice of cheesecake (or other flab maker).

Daily Mail reporters suggest that the reason Brook is looking so happy is because her romance with England rugby star Danny Cipriani is still going strong but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photograph of her without a smile on her face.

I know that having what scientists claim to be the ‘perfect figure’is not a guaranteed means of achieving happiness (and ‘it’s what inside that counts’ blah, blah, blah…) but it has got to have a pretty high feel-good factor — better than Mars Bars and possibly even pizza.

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Twitter Ye Not

I’ve been Twittering a little. Thought I’d give it a go but can’t really get into it. Some people love it — they’re *obsessed by it. Maybe I’ll come around to it. Weird that Steven Fry is on it — do you think it is the real Steven Fry?

Still not entirely at home at Blogger, either — I might just come back here.

I’m *obsessed about the economy. That’s embarrassing to admit because I think we’ll look back on this time and sneer at all the fools who were panicking about the recession/depression — it will be seen as a condition and will have a name like ‘depression-obsession’.

If you’ve been labeled as a depression-obsession-er, then no-one will employ you (if there’s any jobs left) as employers will only be interested in calm people like Chesney ‘Hero of the Hudson’ Sullerenberger (only younger).

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Is Katy Price Too Old?

Is Katy Price Too Old?

The above photograph was one of a number to feature in a piece in the Daily Mail, in which the reporter posed this question: Aren’t you too old to STILL be stripping off in public, Katie Price?

Katy Price is 30. She was modelling her new lingerie range.

So, is this (unnamed) reporter suggesting that women over the age of 29 shouldn’t model underwear? Whatever you think of Katy  —  tacky/should go blond again/money obsessed/cruel to poor Peter/better without the fake boobs, etc — there’s still something a bit weird about the idea of the under thirty cut-off point.

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Not a Bum Eater?
I’m still over at Larkin & Catcher’s Very Best Things but I’ve been driven back here to comment on something I just heard on Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word — or whatever it is called. It’s the one where he gets a bunch of his ‘celebrity’ mates to cook with him (but every now and then he does a scene with non-celebs — to keep it real).

This Toff — a son of someone who is married into royalty — possibly one of Camilla’s offspring — was arguing that we waste far too much of a pig and that we should eat more offal. He went on to demonstrate this by cooking up a variety of disgusting pig-bits and ending up at the dinner table nibbling on what we were told was a pig’s anus (I’m just thinking that this is the first and almost certainly the last time I will ever type the words  ‘pigs anus’ . Hang on while I savour the moment…).

Gordon (we’re on first name terms — I might even go on his show) mentioned the ‘credit crunch’ (it’s compulsory now on practically every television show — they have to demonstrate that they are socially aware) and how we should eat more offal, as it’s cheap. Or something to that effect — I wasn’t giving it my full attention, as I was in the middle of trying to move a piano (lost earring).

The thought that came into my cynical little head then was that it’s a safe bet to say that the moneybags-anus-eater will not be making a habit of dining out on anything offal-related. Old Ramsey will be giving cooked bums a body-swerve too, no doubt.

No, what I think they were getting at is that the riff-raff should get used to the idea of eating animal body parts that we now think of as unsavoury and not suitable for human consumption. So if the economic situation does go into complete meltdown, our offal-eating will keep us alive, stop us revolting and prevent us from eating the rich.

Nice try Ramsey/Posh Guy but I’m on to you.

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This photograph is from Elf: a Photoblog. I love it.

I love rain — especially when it’s really bucketing down. Rain makes me feel even more alive than usual — must be a scientific explanation for that, electricity in the air or something like it. I’d look it up but I can’t be bothered just now. Hope it’s nothing embarrassing.

I think I’m going to like ‘Elf’s’ photoblog — I usually know within seconds if a blog is going to be one for my favourites list. Have you noticed that I’m–using–even–more–dashes–than–usual  tonight? No idea why. Thinking and writing in *telegraph-style, too. Will stop doing that now.


I thought Natalie Cole was out of order with her moan about Amy Winehouse winning a handful of Grammys. Cole’s argument was that it was akin to rewarding bad behaviour and sends the wrong message to young kids. I kind of get what she means, but the awards were for musical talent (which Winehouse clearly has — in truckloads) and I don’t think they were intended to be given only to those who follow a clean-living lifestyle. Otherwise they’d be called something along the lines of: ‘The Good Music & Best Role Model Awards’.

*While I’m on the subject of telegraphs — check out 16 Sparrows 1920’s telegraph-style stationery. I’ve been writing about it on Larkin & Catcher’s Very Best Things — but I know you can’t be everywhere at once (darn those dashes — they crept up on me again).

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