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heeldm_468×636.jpg  You may have heard about the Camileon Heel, the shoes invented by David Handel and his sister Lauren. The adjustable heel allows the shoes to go from 3 ¼  inches to one-inch flats.  Seemingly, style won’t be sacrificed for function, so we’re not talking about orthodontic-looking efforts here.

I assume the inventor will have done some pretty thorough research on the mechanics of the shoe in terms of its stability but it’s a certainty that someone will threaten to sue if they fall over whilst wearing them (even if they’re totally inebriated at the time) and it’s guaranteed there will eventually be some health issues raised (!) in relation to adjustable footwear – so a research team will take a year or so to produce a report outlining the dangers of the shoes and we’ll have ‘killer shoes’ headlines and the government will issue a health warning. I’m intentionally exaggerating  but when I think about it ‘shoe health warnings’ are not outwith the bounds of possibility in the future because government interference in almost every aspect of our lives is now routine and I don’t see why our feet should be an exception.

Anyway, I’d buy a pair of those shoes. Unless they did look horrendous, of course – or if I’d seen some serious evidence of collapsing heels. And if the shoes do catch on then the £150 price tag will drop and we’ll be bagging these for around 50 quid. So I see some potential for the ‘Camileon’ — unless they get labelled with the ‘naff’ tag, in which case they will end up in fashion hell (I’d still stock-up though, being independent of mind and diminutive of stature).

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