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I’ve just been through the Hell-on-Earth that is the (all round pain in the arse) procedure required to put a post on Blogger. I know everyone and their cat can do it with ease but we’re talking about me here. I’ve probably already mentioned my missing computer gene at some point in the past year – and it is true that it did take me about two months to work out how to put an image on WordPress and then at least a further three months to work out how Categories are meant to work (I still haven’t got that right) but WordPress is a piece of cake compared to Blogger.

I read somewhere that — in terms of being user-friendly — Blogger is better for newbies, but I just don’t get it. My big problem is the positioning of images, especially trying to re-position them or even cut them out altogether. I just don’t find Blogger idiot-proof and it needs to be (because of my missing gene).

rustlers.jpg   The reason I’m trying out Blogger is that WordPress.com frowns on anything of a commercial nature and I can’t really write about anything business-related here. I do have a WordPress.org blog but that is supposed to be reserved for business purposes only and I’d like to have a blog where I can mix a bit of both, if that makes sense. Why is my life so complicated? And why are Rustlers Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder with Cheese becoming so hard to come by in Sainsburys? Almost definitely due to that Gillian McKeith woman or those of her ilk.

Anyway – the new blog is Larkin & Catcher’s Very Best Things – not much there to read yet, but there will be a veritable deluge soon enough.

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I’d forgotten about my Best Blogs category and to be quite honest I think I’m reluctant to single out blogs here, as I have so very many favourites. So if you’re mentioned here consider yourself honoured and very special. I have to write this post fairly quickly, as I want to get everything done before the start of Big Brother 8.
Oh, don’t start – you know you’ll be watching it sooner of later and you might as well get in at the beginning.

The housemates are bound to be nervous this year, though. It’s got to be Walking On Eggshells time, after what happened with the last Celebrity Big Brother — that really was too uncomfortable to watch. But I hope they’re not going to be excessively nice to each other this time — not that I’m hoping for any real vindictiveness and bile but it’s just not the same without a good dose of bitching, bickering and backstabbing. Unfortunately, it’s on at the same time as The Apprentice, so I’m going to set-up two televisions side by side, so I can watch both. What a good idea, you are thinking. That is what you are thinking?

Anyway, back to Best Blogs. I’m posting two today (to catch-up on my backlog) and the first is Dad Gone Mad. I’ve only just found that one and nearly missed it, as the title almost put me off – I tend to avoid blogs with the words Mum or Dad in the title, for some reason. The ‘Mad Dad’ is Danny Evans and — although he writes with a bit too much enthusiasm on his nose-picking habit for my liking – he’s definitely going to be a permanent feature on my favourites list. Danny is laugh-out-loud funny, for a start, and I love bloggers who make me laugh. His writing is intelligent and honest and he just comes across as a likeable, genuine person (even if he does write about sport now and again – but I’m letting him off on that, as he’s an ex-sports writer). And he complains a lot too, which I love. I’ll have to complain more here; I’m too easy-going. Just wait until I start – there’ll be no stopping me.

The other Best Blog is Miss Doxie. I’ve been reading Miss Doxie’s blog for ages but it wasn’t until I saw her mentioned on Danny’s site that I remembered to put her in my Best Blogs category. Actually, I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m including Miss Doxie on my list, because it shows that I’m not eaten up and bitter with envy about someone who clearly has bucketloads of talent and who is sickeningly photogenic. But one of the very best things about Miss Doxie is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and seems to have had a vanity by-pass, so it’s easy to forgive the fact that the Gods have bestowed their bounty on her with such generosity (whilst giving certain other people a body-swerve).

Miss Doxie is an attorney by day and a super-witty blogger in her spare time. She’s also an artist and has recently opened a shop (which I write about here) to sell her artwork. Go buy some of her stuff and have a look at mine while you’re at it – I’ll really have to start plugging Larkin & Catcher a lot more. I’ve been way too reluctant when it comes to self-promotion but ecommerce is a jungle and I need to be a bit more pushy if I want to put a dent in the machine.

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For some reason I decided to pay my first ever visit to Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage today. The home page is now filled, of course, and made Alex a fair few quid. I haven’t checked out just how beneficial it was to the page’s advertisers but I do like the ‘own a piece of internet history’ spraff at the top of the page.

I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency for some people to get all bitter and twisted about Alex’s success with his Million Dollar venture and now his detractors seem to be positively gloating over what they see as the relative lacklustre performance of his Pixelotto. 

The resentment is probably related to the fact that they wished they’d thought of the idea first and also partly due to a perception that it was too much like easy money for Alex. Anyway, I wish Alex all the best with whatever he comes up with next – but that is because I am a very nice person.



b000mvbz4c_01-a2bo0oyvbkiqjm__sclzzzzzzz_sx182_v43515667_sh35_.jpg   Moving on to something of far greater importance.  Shoes.  I bought these Pure Leather Crossgrain flats today. Not my usual type of shoe at all, I can tell you. And I bought them in a shop where I’d only previously shopped for food and where I’d never even thought of the so-called fashion items as being remotely wearable. Guess where it was.
No, go on – guess.
Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.
Forget it. I have the sudden urge for a cup of tea.
But I do love those cute little shoes – that photo does them no justice at all.

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