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brit.jpg I couldn’t sleep, so decided to do a bit of blog-reading. First of all I checked-out Handbag.com for some much needed beauty advice, then I headed over to Knickers blog and read about how a good number of us ladies (and some men, no doubt) are wearing the wrong-sized undies. Seemingly, Britney Spears has been stuffing her assets into a too-small bra and is in need of a larger cup size.

Britney just never gets it right in the underwear department, does she? I feel kind of sorry for that girl — I know some people believe she deserves everything that’s thrown at her but I think the hammering she’s taken from the press in the past has went way too far.  Anyway, the people at Knickers were relatively kind and there’s some good advice there on the whole bra-measuring business.

Then, I paid a little visit to Tokyo Girl and read her excellent dog constipation post.

So, once again, I will sleep a little sounder — for I know my night has not been wasted.

You’ll be relieved to know that I couldn’t find a picture of a dog’s bottom to post here — so you will  just have to make do with one of Britney (taken quite some time ago, if I’m not mistaken).

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