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Save Me from Art Nouveau!

Just a random thought, but I think I’m beginning to like the Art Nouveau style. Stop yawning, I know you don’t care. And I know there’s a recession on, and wars and natural catastrophes but sometimes I Iike to give my little mind a break from all that and today I’m thinking about art. Art will save us, don’t you know? Not that I know much about it, being one of those ‘I like what I like, and I don’t care why or what it’s called’ type of people. Anyway, even I  had heard of Art Nouveau, of course, but I dismissed it as being a bit too ‘flowerly’ for my liking (I loved the Paris metro stops, though).

But it’s been slowly growing on me and I even bought this book about it:

Art Nouveau Book

Art Nouveau Book

It’s a great little book, full of information and beautiful images  — I got it at Fopp but Amazon also has a few copies.

For some reason I had thought of Art Nouveau as being a little … mumsy  but I’ve changed my views now. According to the Victoria & Albert museum  website, when the Art Nouveau movement was first established it was considered a bit too erotic and was criticised for being decadent.

Let us consider this painting by the Belgian artist *Fernard Khnoff:


Em… yes I think I can see what they were getting at. Not all flowers, then.

*I don’t particuarly like the above image but I’ve since had a look at some of Khnopff’s other artwork and it is amazing in a mostly creepy way.



Yikes! That last one might be reappearing in a few nightmares…

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