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The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was put headphones on, so I got some music (Elbow) blasting in my head while I got ready for the day. Most of the time I find total silence unsettling, a kind of calm before a storm feeling — like something cataclysmic is about to happen. An earthquake, meteor hitting the Earth, nuclear attack, fasting-acting pandemic of Swine Flu, Judgement Day (convent school education).

I think it’s not just my racing brain that causes my insomnia, perhaps I just can’t stand the silence. So I was really interested to read about the White Noise Generator, which may or may not help but probably doesn’t do any harm, as far as I know — though someone is  bound to get a research grant to prove that it does.

The White Noise link comes from DoshDosh on Twitter — the Dosh Dosh blog is also all kinds of interesting and there’s a great post on Twitter in relation to marketing

I’m getting used to Twitter now, though I’m a different person on there. I’ve been blogging for years and could talk for Scotland but so far I’m pretty subdued on Twitter. I just prefer to read and respond, rather than Tweeting very much myself. Probably not such a very bad thing though, for various reasons, including the fact that I intend to use Twitter purely as a kind of instant access window on the world. For me, it only stays sweet if I keep it free of any intentional marketing.

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I’m over here, setting up the Style Icons competition.

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It seems to be common knowledge that female sex symbols from the past were more voluptuous than present day celebrities and Marilyn Monroe is often cited as a fuller figured woman who would be a bit too much on the hefty side to be considered an attractive leading lady for today’s films.


 But according to Sara Buys article in the Times Online, Monroe only weighed around 8 stones and was probably nearer a size 10 than a 16 . I’m kind of disappointed to read that and the news near enough put me off dunking my doughnut (iced). It’s as if Marilyn’s went over to the other side in more ways than one. I liked the idea of her being a bit of a big girl, or at the very least a size 14. But, seemingly, she was only big where it counted — 30E bust and nice curvy hips. She’d still be considered too fat for film these days, though. Weird.

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Everyone has got to love Kirstie Allsopp

Everyone has got to love Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie Allsopp is an all round excellent Gal. Not only does she bound about Location, Location, Location, looking like a bossy, slightly fat but ultmately likable head girl but she’s now going to be presenting a how-to-decorate-a-home-on-a-budget show, HomeMade Home (channel4 April 16). This is great timing for me, as I’m trying to do up my place with practically zero budget and I know there’s a good number of people in a similar position to myself.

Kirstie, who’s going to be an advisor on housing to the Tories, talks sense most of the time  — here she is on MP’s screwing the country with their expenses claims.

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Sex Sells

Statement of the Obvious: Sex Sells

Loved Camilla Lang’s ‘A head for business and a body for sin’, subtitle for her interview with Scarlett Johansson in this week’s Times Online. The nicely scoffing ‘Attagirl’ at the end sum’s up Lang’s wised-up cynicism on the subject of turning sex appeal ‘into gold’.

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Thanks to this Times blogger’s travel guide to….Lisbon (just a random find) I have not only found another website to spend some meaningful time on but have also discovered this little shop (it’s in Portuguese and I’m not sure just how easy it is to shop there but I love the look of their website and the products seem interesting, either becuase they seem to be authentic to the country or because of their quirky retro appearance).

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25 Beautiful Homes

I know it’s probably the beginning of the end but I bought my first ever copy of 25 Beautiful Homes today — prompted by all the renovation/decoration (bit of both) that I’ve been spending a lot of time on recently.

I bought the magazine to give me a little inspiration — and it did — but overall it was a bit dispiriting. People spending £200,000 on upgrading their home while I’m having palpitations at having just spent £150 on paint at B & Q.

I do wonder why people allow the magazine to feature their homes — are they just doing some see-what-I’ve-got gloating or does the fact that many of them are ‘interior designers’ or ‘artists’ have something to do with it? It’s got to be a great way to advertise your business, lets face it. Or do they get paid?

Maybe they do have some less palatial residences in other issues or it might be that no-one would pay to see what Joe Bloggs did to  his semi on an average person’s budget. Perhaps there’s another magazine for that type of thing: 25 Average Homes. Possibly nobody would buy it and advertisers would be in short supply.

I guess if I leave all my bitterness and envy behind I really do want to see what can be done with a bucket load of dosh and work my way (downwards) from there. But does a limited budget necessarily mean a mediocre outcome?

Personally, I think the magazine relies on people’s desire to tap into a lifestyle that  they don’t have but which they may aspire to (with some delusions of (relative) grandeur thrown in.

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I now have my first cold in around five years and it is almost enjoyable due to the novelty factor. The shiveryness is not entirely unpleasant and I’ve got to taste my first ever Lemsip (yum).

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