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Greedy Politician

Greedy Politician (allegedly)

Corrupt or greedy — near enough every second one, it would seem. And when they get caught out they change the rules: MPs can now edit their expenses before they are made public.

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It’s true — all you have to do is stick this picture of Kelly Brook up on your fridge, so you can see it next time you dig in there for your next slice of cheesecake (or other flab maker).

Daily Mail reporters suggest that the reason Brook is looking so happy is because her romance with England rugby star Danny Cipriani is still going strong but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photograph of her without a smile on her face.

I know that having what scientists claim to be the ‘perfect figure’is not a guaranteed means of achieving happiness (and ‘it’s what inside that counts’ blah, blah, blah…) but it has got to have a pretty high feel-good factor — better than Mars Bars and possibly even pizza.

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We’re living in (moderate) chaos because of renovations. Can’t find a single thing — everything is buried beneath something else. Have been wielding a hammer and hammer-related accidents now number at least three. It’s weird to see layers coming off the tucked-away corners and the history of a house being revealed.


Have fallen in love with Farrow and Ball paint, which is a pity, as it costs a fortune and I’m going to have to sell off my remaining kidney to buy it. Like the wonderfully-named Elephants Breath —doesn’t look so great in this photo (bad, bad photographer) but it is in fact cool and lovely.


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Don’t go breaking your heart, I’m not saying goodbye to you — just our big old cherry tree, which we had to have cut down (damaged/too near the house). I’m way too soft-hearted; I felt we were killing a living thing (which we were). Trees don’t have a consciousness, do they?

And there were memories connected to that old tree — childhood climbing, attempts at tree houses that never really worked, swings attached to it, cats coming from nowhere and shooting half way up it at the speed of a bullet out a gun. The person who planted it is gone now too, so the whole thing had a kind of an end of an era type feel about it.

There’s a lot of changes going on here, big scary changes, risks and new starts. You know I don’t write about personal stuff here, or not much. But I might share some of this with you — we’ll see how it goes.

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