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Your Life Sucks?

Tell me about it — or, better still, tell F*** my life.  

I could waste a lot of time on that site but it’s worth it to read about the small (but usually harmless) indignities that happen to other people. It’s good to know that your not alone in these life-sucks moments but that at least you didn’t pay $170 for a fake id which had your real birth date on it.

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An airport called Idlewild — I like the sound of that. JFK was still called that when this film was made in late 1954:

The Travel Film Archive: Skyline New York 1954

I wonder what happened to ‘Sally’ and the rest of the people in the film — I found myself getting quite attached to them.

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The Independent ‘Another Earth located in four years’

I’m packing my bags…

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Military Robots

Military robots — feel your blood run cold…


The Times talks ‘warrior ethics’ about the military robots that will fight future wars.

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The ‘Condos’ in the title comes from the advertising board juggled by the guy on one of  the videos for Elbow’s One Day Like This. I’m playing this track all the time just now (and don’t people just love me for that) because it is the most happy-to-be-alive, uplifting piece of music I’ve heard in a long time. And I need some uplifting = Deathlossloveandheartbreak.


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Twitter Ye Not

I’ve been Twittering a little. Thought I’d give it a go but can’t really get into it. Some people love it — they’re *obsessed by it. Maybe I’ll come around to it. Weird that Steven Fry is on it — do you think it is the real Steven Fry?

Still not entirely at home at Blogger, either — I might just come back here.

I’m *obsessed about the economy. That’s embarrassing to admit because I think we’ll look back on this time and sneer at all the fools who were panicking about the recession/depression — it will be seen as a condition and will have a name like ‘depression-obsession’.

If you’ve been labeled as a depression-obsession-er, then no-one will employ you (if there’s any jobs left) as employers will only be interested in calm people like Chesney ‘Hero of the Hudson’ Sullerenberger (only younger).

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