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The Little Lamb is Back…


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I felt kind of sad to read about the death of Bettie Page today. She was a good age (85) and I didn’t know much about her, apart from the fact that her iconic image is strongly influential in rockabilly culture and that she still inspires pin-up artists, retro models and burlesque performers. There’s no doubt that the Bettie Page ‘look’ is one that flatters the female form but, though she is much copied, I think the general agreement is that she was a true original.

I’ve been writing about her on another blog and I’ve posted a YouTube video of her Dancing Fool film. That’s what really made me sad — she seemed so full of life in that little piece of film and had such a mischievous look about her. I wonder where all that goes and why we’re not all running scared of the final vanishing act.

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When I first saw this card I thought the kid had her/his hand stuck up a sheep’s backside. I’m not usually crude but that is what it looked like to me. I guess it’s just some sort of weird ‘muff’ the child’s carrying but the absence of clothing makes me think they had some pretty odd ideas on what might be amusingly appealing in the past. Maybe they were just more innocent then, back there in vintage land.

The reason I’m wishing you all a somewhat premature VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS is that I’m sick of all the moaners and spoilsports going on about how Christmas has lost it’s meaning and how it is over-commercialized. Some people just want to take the fun out of everything and won’t be happy until they’ve squeezed every last bit of happiness out of living. They think they’re telling us something we don’t already know and that once we’re enlightened we’ll be just as disapproving and miserable as them.

Well not us, buddy boy — we know that you are a long time dead and we’re going to party like there’s no tomorrow. A bit of a good time over Christmas — and Hogmanay —  then we’ll get back to saving the planet and worrying about the recession/depression, wars, famine, national disasters, man’s inhumanity to man…  And on and on.  This is why we need Christmas or something like it — it allows us to put everything else to one side for about a week and lets us concentrate on celebrating or just zoning out for a while.  

Peace and love, man. You know you need it.

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