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Is Katy Price Too Old?

Is Katy Price Too Old?

The above photograph was one of a number to feature in a piece in the Daily Mail, in which the reporter posed this question: Aren’t you too old to STILL be stripping off in public, Katie Price?

Katy Price is 30. She was modelling her new lingerie range.

So, is this (unnamed) reporter suggesting that women over the age of 29 shouldn’t model underwear? Whatever you think of Katy  —  tacky/should go blond again/money obsessed/cruel to poor Peter/better without the fake boobs, etc — there’s still something a bit weird about the idea of the under thirty cut-off point.

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Save Me from Art Nouveau!

Just a random thought, but I think I’m beginning to like the Art Nouveau style. Stop yawning, I know you don’t care. And I know there’s a recession on, and wars and natural catastrophes but sometimes I Iike to give my little mind a break from all that and today I’m thinking about art. Art will save us, don’t you know? Not that I know much about it, being one of those ‘I like what I like, and I don’t care why or what it’s called’ type of people. Anyway, even I  had heard of Art Nouveau, of course, but I dismissed it as being a bit too ‘flowerly’ for my liking (I loved the Paris metro stops, though).

But it’s been slowly growing on me and I even bought this book about it:

Art Nouveau Book

Art Nouveau Book

It’s a great little book, full of information and beautiful images  — I got it at Fopp but Amazon also has a few copies.

For some reason I had thought of Art Nouveau as being a little … mumsy  but I’ve changed my views now. According to the Victoria & Albert museum  website, when the Art Nouveau movement was first established it was considered a bit too erotic and was criticised for being decadent.

Let us consider this painting by the Belgian artist *Fernard Khnoff:


Em… yes I think I can see what they were getting at. Not all flowers, then.

*I don’t particuarly like the above image but I’ve since had a look at some of Khnopff’s other artwork and it is amazing in a mostly creepy way.



Yikes! That last one might be reappearing in a few nightmares…

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Abandoned and Worried


Thanks to my fascination with abandoned places/things I’ve just given myself something else to worry about. I was checking out the ‘abandonments’ page on Web Urbanist  (great site) when I came across a piece about the abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Way back in the 1960’s an underground fire somehow started and has been burning ever since. There’s seams of coal running under the town and some estimates say that the fire could continue to burn for another 250 years. Unsurprisingly, most of the residents have now moved out and the town is now home to only a handful of people (I’m not being facetious here, but I’m wondering if they’ll have real low fuel bills, what with all that free underground heating). Seemingly, puffs of smoke can be seen rising from the ground at various places in the town, including the local cemetery.

I don’t care what people say about cemeteries being ‘peaceful’ or  ‘strangely beautiful’, even the word cemetery makes me shudder and the thought of one — in an abandoned town, with puffs of smoke coming out of it — almost brings me out in a cold sweat. But then, I’m very easily spooked out. I can’t, for instance, watch the film Halloween again, even though I thought it was a very good film. There’s another film which scared me even more and it’s so bad that I can’t even write the name here.

So now I’m thinking about underground fires and what would happen if their was an equivalent of an epidemic of them. The whole world burning away under your feet, just think of that. Or don’t. We’d have to go live on the sea. So I would then be worried about drowning and pirates. Here’s a BBC report on the underground fire  phenomenom  — but it is from 2003, so we might have made some progress since then.

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Freaking Laugh!


Life, eh? You’ve got to laugh.. No, seriously, you’ve GOT TO LAUGH. People who laugh a lot are happier, healthier, better-looking and skinnier than sour-faced people. A good deal of  serious research went into reaching that conclusion (I looked around the room). I might be wrong about the skinnier part, though.. Yes, strike out the skinny. Skinny people are probably more miserable looking. How could I get that so wrong? But …  maybe fat people only look happier because they’re trying to look on the bright side/make the best of it/make people like them. I’m all mixed up now. Why did I start all this fat, skinny happy/not happy thing — it’s making me miserable. Only joking! And being very annoying. I only came on here to put a link to Freaking News and their failed  greetings cards page.

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Now that everyone has pretty much stopped denying that we’ve in a recession, I suppose we should brace ourselves for the deluge of books on how-to-survive-on-bugger-all . Still, India Knight’s Thrift Book  — extract in the Times — looks as if it might be worth a read. She reminded me about the aspirin face pack for a start and she’s introduced me to Lily Lolo mineral make-up. I’ve not tried out the aspirin yet but I’ll do practically anything in the name of beauty — and Lily Lolo sell tiny samples, so you can try it all out. Anything to make me look a bit less hideous (spots/no sleep).

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I love old advertising posters — the images, the typefaces. I really think I could become a bit of a… collector — me, a minimalist! This one I like  — but don’t you think that the image of the ice cream cone is a bit disappointing and unappealing? Does it really make you think you’d just have to give up some bucks and have one? Maybe we just expect too much these days — Ben & Jerrys etc has just spoiled us rotten…

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