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You know how I said that I would never leave you — even if you kicked and screamed and begged until your throat was red and raw and you’d near enough run out of every very last bit of energy? Well it’s true as that welt on your face and those crazy red eyes you’ve got from beating yourself up over this.  But a girl’s got to do what a girls gotta do and I’m over at the opposition for a while. NOW QUIT THAT! A promise is a promise and I’ll be back here in no time at all — say a month or two.

In the meantime you can catch me over at Larkin & Catcher’s Very Best Things. Don’t go there unless you don’t mind reading about fashion and you don’t have a problem about me promoting my day job. Welcome to the jungle…

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I don’t suppose you spend much time thinking about mechanical elephants; I can’t say the subject would figure among my first waking thoughts, either.  But — according to the *I’m Learning to Share blog — Britain could be considered the birthplace  of the mechanical elephant. Not only that — but the late and supposedly great (I don’t find him that funny) comedian Peter Sellers once bought a mechanical elephant to ‘fall back on’ in case his career went kaput.

You never know when this kind of information will come in handy — here’s a mechanical elephant for you to look at:


* Via Bibi’s Box  — another one of my favourite blogs.

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You probably already know about the Big Freeze ‘spontaneous’ mass events but just in case you haven’t:

London — Trafalgar Square

 Grand Central Station (best one)

There’s also an Edinburgh Freeze but, quite frankly, it doesn’t look up to much — there’s a few videos on YouTube, if you really want to see it .

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