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Mona Lisa’s Eyebrows

I know this is a bit random — but if you’ve ever wondered what happened to the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows (when you’re not worrying about what’s happening to the economy) have a look here.


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Limbo skating boy featured on Sky News.

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I’ve just found this Victorian Travel Coat at J. Peterman  — which fits in quite well with my current obsession with all things Steampunk. It’s on sale just now for $129.00 — if I wasn’t such as short-arse I think I’d go for it.


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But you’ve no doubt noticed that already. She’s back in the limelight again, thanks to Sweeney Todd (which is a musical? — I don’t know why I think that’s so strange…).

Bonham-Carter has always taking a fair old pounding from the press over her ‘unusual’ fashion choices — to the extent that the words ‘homeless bag lady’ can trigger an automatic association with her name. The British public have a bit of a liking for her, though — partly because we have a soft spot for genuine eccentrics but also because, in a world of ‘plastics’, she stands out as don’t-give-a-damn real. Plus, she can actually act, which — although not a compulsory skill for someone in her profession — must come in handy as the years go by.

Anyway, the Daily Mail have just gone and made a great big fuss about the fact that she was sporting a moustache to the premier of Sweeney Todd. Not that her whiskers were all that noticeable from far off — but the zoom did show that she could give Johnny Depp some competition when it comes to upper-lip foliage.

I’m not going to post that photograph here.

No. I’m not going to encourage that type of thing.

Oh, OK then.


If you’re really desperate to get the full-sized verision  go here.

In her defence I would say this (though there’s no excuse for the teeth):

  • at least she had the decency to bleach it (though that may have made things worse — in terms of a false sense of security brought about by viewing the results in low-light situations)
  • she’s just had a baby — so upper-lip waxing may figure pretty low in her list of priorities
  • no-one over the age of around ten can get away with that kind of close-up without some imperfections showing up

I know that last point is a fact, because I bought a x12 magnification mirror last week (to do my eyebrows) and the thing has had a devastating effect on anyone who’s looked at it. I’m thinking of taking it out and burying it in a deep dark hole somewhere because not only does it make everyone feel bad about themselves — revealing previously invisible open pores, acne scars, moustaches (on girls), spider veins, dangling nose hairs (mostly, but not exclusively, on men) — but the bloody thing is virtually indestructible and mysteriously finds its way back out of waste bins.

Yesterday, a girl I know — who is twenty-two and very beautiful — insisted on looking in the mirror of doom.

“I’m REPULSIVE  — HIDEOUS!” she cried. “And I have a moustache! Why didn’t any of you tell me I have a moustache? I look like… like…”

“Hitler?” suggested someone, helpfully.

I don’t know about you but I think that if any woman was going to get away with a tache — it would be Bonham-Carter.

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amyblonde.jpg Hold the front page — Amy Winehouse has ditched her trademark dark beehive and went for a new short blonde hairstyle. What’s that you’re saying? You don’t give a rat’s behind (I didn’t waste all those precious daylight hours watching Judge Judy without picking-up some of her quaint little utterances, you know). Well, when I stop to think of it, I’m not that bothered what our troubled songstress does with her barnet — but the sight of her as a blonde is just slightly unsettling and leads to highly predictable (get) Back to Black suggestions in every second report of her recent transformation.

I know her exaggerated beehive came in for a good deal of criticism, but I really liked that look and think it had a while to run yet. I can understand why she wanted a change, though — once you get it in your head that you’re sick of the same old look, there’s no stopping you. My obsession just now is a blunt cut. Sharp, no layers. After my last disastrous (many layered) so-called haircut about six months ago, I’ve been determined to get rid of these effing layers. DON’T EVEN MENTION LAYERS TO ME. Just don’t.

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Feels weird to be writing that I love Sundays, because I used to detest them. Most boring day of the week and the dreaded Monday morning hanging over everything. Monday — when you had to go back to earning a living — and I think I could win an award for the number of totally-crap-jobs held by one human being. Everything changed when I started working on Larkin & Catcher.

I’ve never felt more enthusiastic about anything and enthusiasm is practically my middle name. I think many people eventually have their enthusiasm drained out of them in most jobs — the horrible reality that many businesses are rigidly tied to some predefined and inflexible model of operation and the dawning realisation that a majority of businesses do not operate in a form that truly encourages creative thought. Innovation and originality are stifled —  because everyone is so busy sticking to the corporate game and playing safe in order to avoid a knife in the back. I just like the maverick side of L & C and the way we take chances and don’t always opt for the safest option. So work life is happy and I look forward to being here — even if it is usually only in the virtual sense.

But back to Sundays. No lazy lie-in for me last Sunday — I was dragged out on a shopping expedition, despite my insistence that I had no intention of buying one single thing. But it was a good day — partly because we ignored all the ‘Sales’ and just concentrated our attentions on items which we felt had some value unrelated to their price — and also because it was good to be out in the land of the living again. Just relaxing in a coffee shop, idly flicking through newspapers, people-watching, sharing a double-choc muffin. He (a relative) bought shoes and I bought a book and some music.

Everything has been so intense recently, my non-working life has been so caught-up in thoughts of death that I’ve been in an almost permanent state of breath-holding — just waiting for the next big shock. I think Sunday was the most relaxed I’ve been since everything turned up-side down. When we got home we decided we were too whacked-out to cook and ordered a take-away — but then someone ate a bit too fast, swallowed too much and began to choke.  Some water and a lot of back-slapping fixed it and he was laughingly unperturbed. It was only two minutes at most — but in my head I had him dead at nineteen. I laughed, like everyone else — I don’t think they noticed that I was shaking and they would not know that my heart was pounding for ages afterwards.

I have to sort that out — the feeling that everyone I love can be wiped-out in seconds, with no warning. People all over the planet deal with it — the inescapable thing that we run around trying to avoid.

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Best Blogs: Blue Tea

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this before — but Blue Tea is one of my favourite art and design related blogs. It’s full of weird, wonderful and obscure links and it is where I found Crummy Church Signs and Kitty Wigs (via the Geekologie link).


I like the way Geekologie have the Kitty Wigs listed under: proof_of_the_coming_apocalypse.

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