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Faces — everywhere

I’ve always had a bit of an over-active imagination, and when I was a child my parents bought (or inherited) a big old wardrobe that used to give me the creeps. It took up about half a wall of my bedroom and reached up to near ceiling height. It was burled walnut and probably an antique but that meant nothing to me then, as the thing used to give me nightmares. I saw faces in it — at first just one or two — but over time it grew to at least a dozen smaller faces surrounding the main dominant, angry-looking one.

Someone said to me: “It’s the face of God” and, not surprisingly, this did not help my night terrors one little bit.

One day, two of my siblings were playing in it and it fell on them, trapping them inside. It took two adults to lift the thing and set them free. I think we got rid of it after that — a pity in a way, because it would probably be worth quite a fair sum by now.

Anyway, I’m not the only one to see Faces in Places (these are cute, rather than spooky ones).

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Life on the Edge

There’s quite some difference between taking a bit of a risk and being a total  numbskull — “That’s not Safe“.

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