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Faces — everywhere

I’ve always had a bit of an over-active imagination, and when I was a child my parents bought (or inherited) a big old wardrobe that used to give me the creeps. It took up about half a wall of my bedroom and reached up to near ceiling height. It was burled walnut and probably an antique but that meant nothing to me then, as the thing used to give me nightmares. I saw faces in it — at first just one or two — but over time it grew to at least a dozen smaller faces surrounding the main dominant, angry-looking one.

Someone said to me: “It’s the face of God” and, not surprisingly, this did not help my night terrors one little bit.

One day, two of my siblings were playing in it and it fell on them, trapping them inside. It took two adults to lift the thing and set them free. I think we got rid of it after that — a pity in a way, because it would probably be worth quite a fair sum by now.

Anyway, I’m not the only one to see Faces in Places (these are cute, rather than spooky ones).

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Life on the Edge

There’s quite some difference between taking a bit of a risk and being a total  numbskull — “That’s not Safe“.

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Butt Cooler, Anyone?

I was doing a Google search for kawaii handbags (honestly) when I came across 7 Strange Gadgets You Don’t Want to be Seen Using on the *Tech E Blog. All the inventions are Japanese, as far as I can see (no big surprise there, then) and — yes — the bra that doubles up as a handbag — the ‘kawaii’ bag — is in there. No doubt filed under: most useless product ever but good for publicity and wacko enough to generate a decent level of sales from novelty-hunters.

*I’m really getting into these tech blogs lately — they’ve opened-up a whole new world of weirdness for me. Just what I need: more weird.

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Sad about Fopp

I was in Fopp in Edinburgh today, buying some *books and it wasn’t until I left the shop that I remembered they’re supposed to be going out of business. A two minute search on **Google brought forth the information that HMV bought-up six of the Fopp stores (including the Edinburgh one, obviously) but that the stores would still be trading under the Fopp name. As far as I know the rest of the stores are – or are about be be — no more. Seemingly the take-over of their rival Music Zone was a major factor in Fopp’s demise.

I liked Fopp — the story of how it was started by one man selling CD’s from a market stall in Glasgow (I don’t know if that’s true); the fact that they didn’t go in for all the 99p baloney and also that you could walk in with a tenner and have a good chance of walking out with some decent music and a DVD.

broons.jpgoor-wullie.jpg And Christmas won’t be quite the same for me anymore — Fopp was always good for some desperate last-minute presents. I’ve bought at least three copies of On the Road there and Metamorphosis was  a recent last-second grab. I’d buy semi-obscure French films and chick-flicks for females and martial arts movies for men — and as many B-movie Sci-Fi’s as I could get for what was left in my purse. It was a tradition — just like going to R.S. McColl’s (the only time I go into that place — 60p for a cream egg bar?) on Chrismas Eve — in a frantic search for The Broons and Oor Wullie annuals (we’ve never had a Christmas without the Broons, although I could function without Wullie).

It’s the Fopp staff I really feel for — I know they’ll find other jobs — but it’s the time between jobs that’s the killer. Bloody Christmas coming-up too — having to find a job in the run-up to the HOHOHO season is a big pain if you’ve got a landlord breathing down your neck.

  *One of the books I bought was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — it’s one of those books you think you must have read in childhood but possibly haven’t. I think I bought it for the illustrations.

** What the hell is Google playing at with the SERPs recently — they’re all over the place.  I don’t really care how many people visit this blog but the online store is a different matter.


I know I’m supposed to be doing Jewellery Week just now but I forgot because I’m too busy having a breakdown while I attempt to complete my self-assessment tax forms. I never thought I’d ever say this — but I’m going to get an accountant to do them next year.

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I blog a lot about fashion and I sometimes wonder if that makes me a superficial and shallow person (though, what I really worry about is the possibilty of breaking a nail whilst typing my little style-related pieces).

Anyway, I’ve been blogging about it over here at the oppostion (blogger). I’m not that relaxed over there yet but it’s a new blog and I’ll get used to it in time.

By the way — don’t you just love The I.T. Crowd on Channel 4?

Yes, I know that — like me — you hardly get a second to watch television — especially on a Friday night — but if you did just happen to ‘catch’ it — don’t you think it’s heading to be a bit of a comedy classic?

But I do have a liking for geek-type men. There’s a kind of an innocence about them that I find oddly appealling. I have to say that — I’m dependent on at least two of them to keep me on-track with all this computer stuff. And I keep them in line with regard to not leaving home looking like they’ve slept in their clothes for a week.

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Forever Single

Interesting piece by the writer Amanda Cable, on one effect the Great War had on the lives of a generation of women.

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Wee Birdy is a blog devoted  to ‘shopping, style, beauty and more’. The blogger is an Australian-born freelance journalist, now living in London — and seems to know what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion.

There are some great posts (and photos) on her recent trip to Paris — where she does a nice round-up of all the best places to shop (why didn’t I think of that? All I came back with was a toothache…).

The blog looks to be relatively new but I reckon it’s going to be a winner. Despite some exhaustive research (a quick scan over the profile page) I’ve not discovered the *name of this blogger yet but I’m on the case.

*I’ve just noticed that she signs herself  Top Bird on her posts — so that will do for now.

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Following the sweeping success of the now infamous Panties Week, I thought I’d introduce a *jewellery week, or month, or however long it takes for me to move on to something else. Admittedly, ‘Jewellery Week’ doesn’t really have the same punch as the ‘Panties’ theme but, on the plus side, it will lead to far less dodgy search strings.

I’m not featuring bank-breaking, whacking-great lumps of diamond-studded gold sparkers here but concentrating on affordable, unique, quirky pieces — preferably (but not exclusively) handcrafted by indie designers.

I’ve already featured Kristen at Pill Box Productions on one of the other blogs (I don’t know why I just don’t have one big fat blog and have done with it…) but I can’t have a jewellery week here without mentioning her adorable paper brooches. I’m not usually a  brooch person (I think it’s something to do with the word ‘brooch’ — which always seems to me to look  misspelled — and also the association with staid matrons) but on the odd occasion when I do ‘sport’ one, it’s got to be a bit of a statement piece. The last brooch I bought was an unusual (and pretty weird) handcrafted silk concoction and the first time I wore it, an acquaintance — who is totally devoid of taste — sneeringly inquired “what…the…hell… is that?” (I took it as a compliment).

Anyway, no-one would question the beauty of Kristen’s lovely brooches, as they really are little works of art. Kristen’s Etsy store also has some really sweet artwork for sale and a selection of unusual helmet-type hats (which I love but know I couldn’t carry-off).



Paper Brooch –3D collage art-to-wear (from $9 to $14)

*I’ve just had a thought –maybe I should call it ‘Bling Fling’ — a touch more catchy, don’t you think? But perhaps insulting to the designers…  Jewel Pool?

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