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I ‘discovered’ Sheana Hindesley’s Malicious Designs website about a year ago, just after I’d got back from a lingerie trade show (and had been singularly unimpressed by what was on offer). Hindesley’s designs were a bit of a shock to the system – but in a good way. The lingerie might have had a raw, unfinished, and – to be honest – a pretty cheap look about it, but in a kind of intentional, ironic way, I like to think. Anyway, I liked them. The images here are from her 2006 Fall collection. Some of it has a touch of the 1970’s cheap-hooker look about it (not that I’ve ever knowingly met a 1970’s hooker, but I have watched some Starsky & Hutch re-runs, so I know what I’m talking about here), and there’s also a touch of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane going on in the collection. With, possibly, a slight hint of the Daisy Duke and a smidgen of Lolita, if I’m not mistaken. Which I probably am. It’s after 5am now and I’m losing the plot due to sleep deprivation. What day is it anyway? We are still in February, are we not?

f06_211.jpgf06_51.jpg  The Farm Girl set on the left is one of Hindesley’s more sensible creations. Quite cute, I think.  Hindesley also designs clothing and that’s a picture of her Chicken Dress on the right. It has the look of a country girl gone bad and I like it, though I’d be reluctant to walk about wearing a dress covered in a chicken pattern. It would be bound to bring forth some smart-ass comments, and life’s hard enough without having to put up with chicken remarks.

photo1.jpgphoto12.jpgphoto13.jpg  So, earlier this year I had another look at the Malicious Designs website and the original designs are still there, only this time they’ve been joined by some wickedly good new designs. There’s also a gallery of impressively-styled photographs of her collection. Hindesley has stepped things up by several dozen notches. I’m not sure what these new designs are called but they sure look good – not least because the designer (or the stylist) has got it so right in terms of presentation. I love the way the photoshoot has been staged and the heavily made-up, indolent/insolent-looking models are just perfect for the Malicious Designs style of lingerie, though I do think the one on the far left has a bit of a transvestite look going on (whoa there! — I’m not saying it like it was a bad thing).  The quality and finish of the items looks to have improved too, without losing much of its appealing edginess.

I had intended to write about another lingerie brand that I’m quite keen on but I think I’ll leave it to another day and try and get some sleep. Someone’s bound to wake me up in a few hours time and expect me to be all bright-eyed. The very nerve of it.

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