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No Sleep

It is four-something-am, and I can’t sleep. Tried to read (Tuesdays) Guardian to help me drop off but I just got engrossed in the obituaries page – which is surprising, as I’m shit-scared of death, even other peoples, and even people I don’t  know and have never heard of. That’s one of the reasons I can hardly bear to watch the news sometimes – even with all the frantic breeding taking place on this planet, I’m still a bit surprised that there’s enough of us left to kill each other. The obituary I read was on the author Elizabeth Jolly — and I was just thinking that she led quite an interesting life, and wondering if I should read one of her books – when I read that she developed Alzheimers in later life. I don’t know why that shocked me so much – the Alzheimers – but it always does. I’ve never been a fan of Iris Murdock, for instance – but was shocked as hell when I found out she developed the disease. I guess I thought — or hoped — that if a person is very bright and if they are constantly involved in intellectual activity, then it would make them immune, somehow.

This no-sleep thing is a total pain. I’m supposed to be going PC shopping with someone tomorrow today – which is a bit of a laugh, as I’m the very last person to give anyone advice on anything computer-related; I get a strange headache at the very mention of anything related to the inside bits of these boxes. I’m only going with him to make sure he does buy one, so he can leave mine alone. I’m very protective of my computer and get nervous when anyone asks to use it – it always seems somehow different after someone else has been on it. I usually suspect some tinkering has been going on…

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