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I ‘discovered’ Sheana Hindesley’s Malicious Designs website about a year ago, just after I’d got back from a lingerie trade show (and had been singularly unimpressed by what was on offer). Hindesley’s designs were a bit of a shock to the system – but in a good way. The lingerie might have had a raw, unfinished, and – to be honest – a pretty cheap look about it, but in a kind of intentional, ironic way, I like to think. Anyway, I liked them. The images here are from her 2006 Fall collection. Some of it has a touch of the 1970’s cheap-hooker look about it (not that I’ve ever knowingly met a 1970’s hooker, but I have watched some Starsky & Hutch re-runs, so I know what I’m talking about here), and there’s also a touch of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane going on in the collection. With, possibly, a slight hint of the Daisy Duke and a smidgen of Lolita, if I’m not mistaken. Which I probably am. It’s after 5am now and I’m losing the plot due to sleep deprivation. What day is it anyway? We are still in February, are we not?

f06_211.jpgf06_51.jpg  The Farm Girl set on the left is one of Hindesley’s more sensible creations. Quite cute, I think.  Hindesley also designs clothing and that’s a picture of her Chicken Dress on the right. It has the look of a country girl gone bad and I like it, though I’d be reluctant to walk about wearing a dress covered in a chicken pattern. It would be bound to bring forth some smart-ass comments, and life’s hard enough without having to put up with chicken remarks.

photo1.jpgphoto12.jpgphoto13.jpg  So, earlier this year I had another look at the Malicious Designs website and the original designs are still there, only this time they’ve been joined by some wickedly good new designs. There’s also a gallery of impressively-styled photographs of her collection. Hindesley has stepped things up by several dozen notches. I’m not sure what these new designs are called but they sure look good – not least because the designer (or the stylist) has got it so right in terms of presentation. I love the way the photoshoot has been staged and the heavily made-up, indolent/insolent-looking models are just perfect for the Malicious Designs style of lingerie, though I do think the one on the far left has a bit of a transvestite look going on (whoa there! — I’m not saying it like it was a bad thing).  The quality and finish of the items looks to have improved too, without losing much of its appealing edginess.

I had intended to write about another lingerie brand that I’m quite keen on but I think I’ll leave it to another day and try and get some sleep. Someone’s bound to wake me up in a few hours time and expect me to be all bright-eyed. The very nerve of it.

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sweetcherry.jpg  The typical response to Jennifer Muallium’s My Sweet Cherry lingerie line is that it is ‘innocently provocative’ and I really would not argue with that. In terms of appeal, I’d guess that Jennifer’s Cherry Pie and Gingham sets are 100% more alluring than the mountain of tat that is churned-out by the purveyors of so-called ‘sexy’ lingerie. In addition — from the wearer’s point of view — their high cotton content adds to the ‘wearability’ factor.

9dgovar_med.jpg  This Dominique Gown is from Taboo Boo, who don’t even attempt to go down the whole ‘innocent’ route, as their website is overtly sex-orientated. But in a fairly sweet way, I think.

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Panties Week: interrupted

Looks like Panties Week will drag on for about a month, because I’ve been busy beyond belief recently and can hardly find time to eat, yet alone delve into the wonderful world of women’s lingerie. I thought I’d got some time to myself, then I’m hit with something else that drags me away from my 2planets scribbling.  On the plus side – my weight is plummeting with the lack of food (if you really want to be picky, I’ve just lost about 5 pounds but it’s all off the neither regions — which is always a good thing). I did manage (as always) to fit in a bit of shopping and picked up some very nice little pieces on my travels. Best of all was an extremely figure-flattering ‘shrunken’ black Oasis cardigan I found in a charity shop in Byers Road in Glasgow. Discovered an amazing black Victorian-style coat in the wonderful Starry Starry Night retro/vintage shop (just off Byres Road) but it was just a bit too big for me – not in terms of it being too loose but because I’m such a short-arse. Damn those midget genes!

Just before I was about to get the train home, I remembered that I was supposed to be buying a birthday present for someone. All the shops were about to close and I rushed into Papyrus about five minutes before they locked their doors and grabbed half-a-dozen girlie gifts and (in the seconds before they switched off their lights) the first card *which* was in my eye-line.

Now I’m home, I’ve had a chance to have a good look at my purchases and it all looks kind of feeble. Not that there’s anything wrong with the items – they are definitely sweet and cute (just like her) but it just doesn’t seem enough, somehow. I usually buy her a decent-sized bottle of her most lusted-after perfume (or scent – if we’re being snooty) and throw in all the other girlie stuff as an extra. Now I’m feeling cheap. I know ‘It’s the Thought that Counts’ etc (blah, blah) and that we’re not in any sort of competition, present-wise, but I’ve still got feeling that I should go out tomorrow and buy something a little more substantial.
No wonder I’m always broke.

*’that’ or ‘which’ — I’m never sure. Pretty obvious why I was a not-very-successful copy-editor at one time…

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Panties Week: 3

belle.gif I love Twisted Thrift — especially the playful decadence of their Freak Antique brand. This set is from the ‘Beatnik Belle’ collection. Brings to mind some quirky vintage French circus meets an updated Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or perhaps that’s just me…

prod_thu_5947.jpg The Coco de Mer range is unashamedly erotic and provocative but most of it is a little too blatant for my taste.  I do like the look of this Chantal Thomas Affriolante knicker and bra though — but I’d have to sell a kidney to get my hands on them: the knickers are £59 and the bra is £139.

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Panties Week: 2

148151ac.jpg These silk ‘Jilly’ side-fastening french knickers are from the current Agent  Provocateur collection. French knickers flatter most figure types and look sexy in a not-trying-too-hard way. Perfect under a floaty skirt but can give a Bridget Jones big knicker outline under tight or thin trousers. Definitely cute but you’d have to fork out £85 for these.

da01308-thumb.jpg These 100% silk, bow-back knickers from Damaris have more than a touch of the burlesque about them and carry a whopping-great £135 price tag. Damaris target the luxury end of the market (obviously) and most of the designs have an undeniable boudoir appeal. The signature back-bow has been copied to death in the last few years but rarely works well in the absence of luxurious fabric and great attention to detail.

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Panties Week

redruffles.jpg  I just realised today that this blog was originally intended to be about fashion and that I’ve somehow strayed away from the subject – I fact I think I’ve hardly mentioned it. So for the month or so I’m going to devote the blog entirely to fashion related items. I’ll cover a different item of clothing every week and this week will be Panties Week  I know some people detest the word ‘panties’ but I think it sets a nice camp tone and somehow reminds me of those old Carry On films. I like those films so much that I try to use the phrase ‘Oh matron! at least twice a year – whether it is appropriate or not.

Here’s a picture of a pair of ruffle suspenders to be going on with.

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fryup.jpg   It’s glaringly obvious that the present government likes nothing better than to stick their nose in our private business and never more so than when it comes to the subject of health. I’m sick-and-bloody-tired of being told what I should or should not eat, drink or inhale.  This current obsession with a ‘healthy lifestyle’ is driving me nuts (admittedly, it wasn’t such a long journey).

Gillian McKeith   Overall good health is not just about the absence of disease but is tied up with the numerous little pleasures we indulge in to make us feel happier and give us some enjoyment. Personally speaking, if I’ve had a hard day I’d find little solace in a mung-bean stew or a sodding celery stick. I wonder what Gillian McKeith does when she’s pissed-off (which — by the look of her — she is most of the time). Probably meditates or bounces on that stupid trampoline she’s always banging on about (doesn’t she know about the law of gravity and the damage all that bouncing can have on the female figure – not that she has one).

marsbar.jpg   I think it was hearing about the headmaster who removed the poison chocolate playtime snacks from his pupils that just drove me over the edge. Then I read about some place in the United States that banned the use of scent and perfumed products, because it could possibly provoke a negative health reaction in those who had a ‘chemical sensitivity’. I guarantee that fair percentage of these ‘sensitive’ souls are driving around in gas-guzzling, atmosphere-polluting cars.

I’m not making an anti-car point here – I’m just saying that practically everything we do has some effect on someone else, somewhere on this planet. Of course some restrictions have to be in place to protect people from the life-choices of others but we’re now getting to the stage where good-sense and compromise is being replaced by blame, victimisation and intolerance. Ridiculous laws and regulations — which pander to the wishes of hypochondriacs, kill-joys and ‘healthy-lifestyle’ zealots — seem to be springing up at a frightening rate.

All this excessive ‘healthism’ is taking the fun out of life, removing the excitement of taking a bit of a risk. And health fanatics are the most boring, disapproving, sanctimonious people who ever walked the earth. Have you ever shared a house with one? I had a roommate once who disapproved of the following: alcohol, tap water, sugar, salt, meat, wheat, coffee, tea (some herbal teas met with her approval), dairy products, all cooked foods, smokers (obviously), citrus fruits, all non-organic products, and anything which had been stored in an aluminium container.

She also disapproved of:

‘Loud’ music — anything that was audible to the human ear
Television — ‘mindless drivel’
The use of deodorants and the removal of body hair
Most men
(not that she seemed to be troubled much by male attention)
Household cleaning products — and the vacuum gave her a migraine — so no housework for her, then…
Gossiping — not that anyone wanted to talk to her (about her — yes)

That was a few years ago, so she’s probably locked herself away in an isolation tank by now, with a few organic carrots. Admittedly, she was a bit of an extreme case but you can see where all that obsession with health can lead.

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